Arlington Sports Hall of Fame Arlington Sports Hall of Fame
P.O. Box 101321
Arlington, VA 22210

General Criteria

Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and moral character.

All candidates will be judged on their significant and/or long term contributions to athletics. They must have excelled in his or her field of sport, whether athlete, coach, contest official or "other" category, and who through such achievements have gained state or national recognition. Longevity, without significant or unusual accomplishments, does not constitute appropriate credentials for Arlington Sports Hall of Fame consideration. Candidates may be living or deceased.

To further explain, athletes would be considered for their achievements in amateur or professional athletics on a collegiate, state, national, or international level. Coaches would be considered on the basis of their coaching achievements at the Arlington youth league level, public or private school, collegiate, state, national, or international levels. Contest officials would be considered on the basis of their service at the high school, collegiate or professional levels. The "Other" category is for individuals who have made contributions in some other capacity, including but not limited to such areas as sports administration, sports medicine, sports media, and sponsorship of athletics.

The categories of athlete, coach, contest official and others are included on the nomination form for expediency in understanding the primary area in which an individual is to be considered for his or her achievements in athletics. The grouping is meant to assist those making the nominations in understanding the type of information required. Once nominees are inducted, they are not categorized, but all are recognized as members of the Sports Hall of Fame.